Getting started
  • Which actions should I log ? In what format ?

    Once your game has been tested, Matchable will send you a "list of parameters" documentation, listing the actions you should send and the parameters assiocated to each one.
    Any action shared with Matchable should include the following data:
    - a unique player’s identifier (generated by the game client)
    - the type of action (cf. list of parameters)
    - the date (date and time in utc format)
    - parameters (cf. list of parameters)
    - the version (game client version)

  • Can I check if everything is ok with the data I send ?

    A debug tool is there for you to check the data Matchable receives.
    Just go to the Debugger tab on your Dashboard.

  • Simply put, what can I do with Matchable ?

    Predictive scores: Matchable's predictive models give you real time prediction on your players : will they still play the game in 7 days ? Will they win their next level ?
    Strategies: With Matchable, you can create your own strategies based on predictive scores and in-game variables.
    A/B testing: Matchable's automated AB/testing process will let you test the efficiency of your strategies.
    Key Performance Indicators: Matchable will provide you with KPI to better understand the evolution of your game or the performance of each group of an A/B test

  • How long should I wait before results ?

    Predictive scores: To compute accurate scores and coherent typologies, Matchable’s models need to be fed with players logs over several weeks in a production environment.
    A/B testing: The A/B testing process should last at least one month before showing reliable results.
    KPI: Some of the Key Performance Indicators need a certain number of days before being computable. For example, Day 7 Retention obviously cannot be computed before Matchable receives 7 days of data.

Strategies and A/B testing
  • What is a strategy ?

    A strategy works basically like a decision rule: it processes your player datas, and answers the appropriate action you need to perform on that player.
    You can create your own strategies and manage them in the Strategies tab.

  • What numbers should I use to set up my A/B test ?

    The best way to set up an A/B test is to give all groups the same size.
    For example, if you want to test a single strategy, control group should consist of at least 10% of the population, and the strategy should be applied to the remaining 90%.

  • How many players should be taken into account for the A/B test to give significant results ?

    Each group should consist of at least 1,000 players.
    In any case, the A/B test should last at least one month.

Dashboard and KPI
  • What are those KPI ? How do I read them ?

    A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator.
    Matchable has carefully selected the most relevant figures to reflect the performance of your game.
    To make it easier, all those indicators are of the type "higher is better". If any of them is going up, that's a good thing !
    If you already set up an A/B test, the indicators will be displayed for each group, making them comparable in a snap.

  • Why are some KPI blank?

    There are two possibilities:
    - Matchable is not correctly or fully configured for your app. Please use the Debugger or contact us if the problem persists
    - There isn't enough data to compute those indicators yet. As an exemple, remember that you have to wait 7 days before getting figures on Day 7 retention !

  • I want more figures!

    Matchable compute a lot of stats on the data we gather. If the KPI on the Dashboard are not enough for you, you will find more figures in the Raw Stats tab.