Getting recommendations with Matchable's API is really simple.

Recommendations are strings that trigger actions in your game. You can define their value in the dashboard.

  • Getting recommendations with curl

    Here’s an example of request with curl:

                    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' '<user_id>/recoms'

    Here's an example of the response you will get:

                      "user_id": "<user_id>",
                      "group": 273,
                      "is_control_group": true,
                      "recoms": [
    Key Description
    user_id unique player’s identifier.
    group_id group ID of the user, special value: -1 if no A/B test is running or if no group has been assigned to user for running test.
    is_control_group true if user is part of a control group for the running A/B test, false if no A/B test is running or no group has been assigned to user for running test.
    recoms string-valued array of recommendations returned by strategy, empty array if no A/B test is running or strategy returns no recommendation for given user.

    Assignment of a user to a group happens when actions are sent the first time for a given user_id since an A/B test has started. The group_id for a user changes with every new A/B test.

    In that example, the user is in the A/B test control group and Matchable's recommendations are showing one advertisement popup and give some gold as a bonus.

    To see examples of requests or any other detail regarding the current API, please refer to the online documentation.

  • Getting recommendations with Unity

    To facilitate this integration, Matchable provides a SDK for the Unity framework:

    Here’s an example of request with Unity:

                        public IEnumerator DemoGetRecommendations()
                          _test = "Matchable.GetRecommendations()";
                          _log = "Waiting for response...";
                          // Call GetAdvisor asynchronously as a Coroutine
                          yield return StartCoroutine(Matchable.GetRecommendations((response) =>
                            // Handle the API response the way you want
                            _log = response.ToJsonString();
                            // Ex: get the recoms value
                            _log += "\n\nRecoms: " + response.GetValue("recoms");

    Now all you need is to parse the "recoms" value to process ingame actions.